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In accordance with Article 8j, 10c and the Programme of Work of the Global Taxonomy Initiative on Tradtional Knowledge and the Value and Importance of Local Communities of the Convention of Biological Diversity, a number of pages in regional languages are added here. Click on the flags to find species lists and information, vernacular names in the national language(s).

The image pages for the single species are directly linked to the Fauna Europaea Project to get more information on the European distribution. Useful general country informaton e.g in the CIA World Factbook and your local Wikipedia. Google Earth gives a good impression how the locations actually look(ed).

Colour Coding of Bioregions

The countries are sorted according to their internet codes.
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species no.
AR Argentina Argentina 37 checklist
AT Österreich Austria 9
AU Australia Australia 87+1 checklist


BE Belgie, Belgique Belgium 4
CD Republique Democratique du Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo 128 checklist
CH Schweiz Switzerland 9
DE Deutschland Germany 9 checklist

updated 2016-02-01

FJ Republic of the Fiji Islands


Republic of the Fiji Islands


19 checklist
GR Elliniki Dhimokratia


Greece 16 checklist
IE Eire Ireland 3
IR Iran Iran 24 checklist

updated 2016-02-01

JP Nippon Japan 35
KE Kenya Kenya 54 checklist


Taehan - min'guk

Choson - minjujuui - inmin - konghwaguk


including South Korea and North Korea

22 checklist

23.Oct '06

NA Namibia Namibia 8 checklist
NI Nicaragua Nicaragua 42 checklist
PE Peru Peru 55 checklist
RU России Russia 34
SC Seychelles
23 checklist
SD Sudan Sudan 15 checklist
SE Sverige Sweden 6
TR Turkiye Turkey 20 checklist
UA Украине Ukraine 14
UK United Kingdom United Kingdom 7
US United States of America USA 28 checklist

07. July '07

VE Venezuela Venezuela 85 checklist
ZA South Africa South Africa 48 checklist
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species no.

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