Earwigs of Greece

Checklist of the 16 species occurring in Greece

Authors: Gordon Ramel & Fabian Haas

Publications on Greece Earwigs


Relief, water and urban centers. No of Dermaptera species in each country.

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Further, detailed information on the Greek earwig fauna is available in the databases and in the link list.

Alphabetic List of Species

All species are recorded from mainland Greece, and there seems to be no endemic island species recorded
Family Subfamily Species Author Island records Common Name and Notes
1 Anisolabididae Carcinophorinae Anisolabis maritima (Bonelli,1832) AEG

Seaside Earwig

Euborellia annulipes (Lucas, 1847) KRI, DOD

Ring-legged Earwig

Euborellia moesta (Géné, 1839) very similar to previous species
Forficulidae Anechurinae Chelidura chelmosensis (Maran, 1965)

Forficulinae Apterygida media (Hagenbach, 1822) KRI
Forficula aetolica Brunner, 1882 DOD, KRI
Forficula auricularia Linnaeus, 1758 AEG, KRI

Common Earwig, European Earwig

Forficula decipiens Géné, 1832

Forficula lurida Fischer, 1853 AEG, CYC, DOD, KRI

Forficula smyrnensis Audinet-Serville, 1839 DOD
Guanchia brignolii (Taglianti, 1974)
Guanchia hincksi (Burr, 1947)
Labiduridae Labidurinae Labidura riparia (Pallas, 1773) AEG, CYC, DOD, KRI

Striped, Giant or Tawny Earwig

Spongiphoridae Isolaboidinae Isolaboides kosswigi (Burr, 1947) single specimen in the SMNS
Labiinae Isolabella graeca Verhoeff, 1901
Labia minor (Linnaeus, 1758) DOD

Small or Lesser Earwig

Species on the Islands

Greece has an almost inumerable number of smaller and larger islands. As was proposed by the Fauna Europaea Project (for details see the "FaEu_Guidelines_v4.0.1.pdf", click here for direct download), they are divided into five regions:


North Aegean Islands Anisolabis maritima, Forficula auricularia, Forficula lurida, Labidura riparia
CYC Cyclades Islands Forficula lurida, Labidura riparia
DOD Dodecanese Islands Euborellia annulipes, Forficula aetolica, Forficula lurida, Labidura riparia, Labia minor
GRC Greece mainland
Quite naturally, not all of these regions was thoroughly sampled and so it is probable to find more species on the islands and new species for Greece as a whole. All species are recorded from mainland Greece, and there seems to be no endemic island species recorded. KRI Crete Euborellia annulipes, Apterygida media, Forficula aetolica, Forficula auricularia, Forficula lurida, Labidura riparia

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