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There are loads of earwig pages on the Internet. This is just a sample of pages I found. Please use Google, Yahoo, Excite and others to get an up to date picture of what is available on the Internet. Also check my Vernacular & Common Names database for additional search terms.

If you have an page that you would like to see added, please send a mail to me.

General Biology & Description

European Earwigs by the PennState University Entomology Department

Perce-oreilles by HYPP Zoology

Earwigs in Finnland

Pest & Pest Control & Gardening

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:: Ringlegged Earwig: Euborellia annulipes

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:: Earwig: Forficula auricularia

The Backyard Bug Brigade European Earwigs "Meet the Pest"

University of Florida, IFAS Extension: Pillbugs, Sowbugs, Centipedes, Millipedes and Earwigs

Oxford City Council Environment Pest Control Earwigs

Royal Horticultural Society: RHS Help and Advice Earwigs

Do-it-yourself Pest control: EARWIGS AND EARWIG CONTROL

Teaxs Agricultural Extension service: Earwigs

Earwig Biology and Elimination: Earwigs, An Occasional Invader

The Biology Browser of BIOSIS: Biology and Zoology

Ohio State University Extension facts sheet: Earwigs

Iowa Insect Information Notes: Earwigs


Kids Valley Garden Earwigs


Philatelie / Philately :: Earwigs on Stamps

Beitrag zum Kenntnisstand der Biologie ausgewählter Ohrwurmarten (Insecta: Dermaptera) aus Neuguinea

Die Welt der kleinen Krabbeltiere

Systematik - Entomologie: 11. Ordnung Dermaptera

Faunistik Net (Munich, Germany): Dermaptera, Ohrwürmer, Earwigs


Typelist on Dermaptera of the ZMUCopenhagen, Denmark

Dermaptera in the UMMZ

Insect Types in the ZFMK Collection, Bonn: Dermaptera


University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA: Entomology Collection

Insecta collection of the Siberian Zoological Museum


Maps and Data on Vegetation, Rain and Crops for all the World

UNEP Resources for Scientists:: Website mit umfangreicher Karten- und Datensammlung zu Klima, Landwirtschaft, Bevölkerung uvm ...

Some Hydrogeology, Rain and Run off Data:: Welcome To UNH-GRDC Composite Runoff Fields

TGN:: Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names ::TGN

METART ARTEMIS and AGROMET Data and Information:: World wide and Regional Clima Data, Maps (Cities, Routes, Rivers) & Satellite Images

Global Gazetteer Version 2.1


other ISO codes, source books and maps (link page on FAO, ISO etc)

FAOTERMinology Country Information and Multilingual Services

Convention on Biological Diversity CBD

Perry-Castañeda Library: Map Collection

World Fact Books of the CIA and Year Book by DER SPIEGEL for country information and your local Wikipedia.


World & General

See also my Country Faunas by InternetID or by Bioregion

Danilo Matzke's Homepage on Dermaptera


Information on Malta Fauna

Finish Dermaptera

Checklist of German Dermaptera

Entomofauna Saxonica - Dermaptera of Saxony, Germany

Checklist of Latvian Dermaptera by D. Telnov

Checklist of Iberian Dermaptera

Check-list of Blattaria, Mantodea, Orthoptera and Dermaptera of the Czech and Slovak Republics by Petr Kocarek, Jaroslav Holusa & Lubomir Vidlicka

Checklist of UK Recorded Dermaptera

Checklist of the Species of the ITALIAN FAUNA

Hrvatsko entomološko društvo - Inventar entomofaune Hrvatske Croatian Dermaptera

European Register of Marine Species:: only Anisolabis maritima


The Earwigs (Dermaptera) of South Africa Compiled by Martin H. Villet

The Forficulid Earwigs (Dermaptera: Forficulidae) of South Africa

Living Namibia Dermaptera Page


Caribbean Insects of Harvard University, USA

Nearctic Dermaptera by Nomina Insecta Nearctica (Canada, USA, north of Mexiko)

Provisional Checklist of the Dermaptera (Earwigs) of Brackenridge Field Laboratory and Surrounding Areas, Texas, USA

Checklist of Michigan, USA, Orthopteroids including Dermaptera

Checklist of Orthopteroid Insects of the E. S. George Reserve, Livingston County, Michigan, USA

Welcome to our Searchable Hawaiian Arthropod Checklist Database by the Bishop Museum


Orthopteroids of KOREA with Checklist by Kim Tae-Woo

International Kuril Island Project:: Dermaptera Page

Katsuyuki Kohno's Page on Earwigs in Japan includes Japanese vernacular names

Asia - Sarawak: The Earwig Sanctuary

Gunung Mulu National Park

National Parks and Other Wild of Malaysia

Gunung Mulu National Park

The Exopterygote Insects

Maui Meeting Synopsis July 24, 2001

Australia & Oceana

Fiji Arthropod Survey by the Bishop Museum, Hawaii:: Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Schlinger Foundation

Australian Faunal Directory: Checklist (and much more!) for DERMAPTERA

CSIRO Australia, Insects and their allies Dermaptera - Earwigs

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