Earwigs of the Fiji Islands

Checklist of the 19 species occurring on the Fiji Islands

Author: Fabian Haas

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Publications on Fiji Islands Earwigs


Relief, water and urban centers. No of Dermaptera species in each country.

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Further, detailed information on the Fiji Islands' earwig fauna is available in the databases and in the link list.

Alphabetic List of Species

Family Subfamily Species Author Notes and Common names
1 Anisolabididae Antisolabiinae Antisolabis fijica Steinmann, 1989
2 Carcinophorinae Anisolabis tegminata Caudell, 1927
3 Euborellia annulipes (Lucas, 1847) Noted in Hincks (1938)
4 Titanolabis colossea (Dohrn, 1864)
5 Chelisochidae Chelisochinae Chelisoches cheesmanae Hincks, 1952 Unpublished specimens from the Bishop Museum, Hawaii
6 Chelisoches morio (Fabricius, 1775)
7 Hamaxas nigrorufus (Burr, 1902) Unpublished specimens from the Bishop Museum, Hawaii
8 Spongiphoridae Labiinae Chaetolabia nebulosa Steinmann, 1985
9 Chaetolabia stoneri (Caudell, 1907)
10 Chaetolabia venusta Steinmann, 1985
11 Sphingolabis auricoma Rehn, 1949 The original description is the only source of infomation in the literature on this species. The female holotpe is in ANSP (online in 'ANSP Insect Type Collection')
12 Sphingolabis hawaiiensis (Bormans, 1882) Cited in Hincks (1938), original note by Hebard (1933)
13 Sphingolabis latro Steinmann, 1990
14 Spirolabia solitaria Steinmann, 1987
15 Nesogastrinae Nesogaster gratiosus Steinmann, 1990
16 Nesogaster magnus Steinmann, 1990
17 Sparattinae Auchenomus extractus Steinmann, 1990
18 Chaetospania adolescens Steinmann, 1988
19 Chaetospania mjoebergi Brindle, 1971

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