I would like to thank the NHM, ZMUC and MNHN for permission to publish and distribute their data. However, I would like to point out that the copyrights for images is still with them. So if you like to 'use' the images commercially, the respective institution is to ask for details and permission. I would like to thank Mrs Judith Marshall (NHM), Dr. George Beccaloni (NHM), Dr. Christiane Amedegnato (MNHN), Dr. Niels-Möller Andersen (ZMUC), Dr. Eliane de Conninck (RMCA) and Dr. Jacki van Goethem (RBINS) for hosting and supporting my efforts during the visits in their institutions.

These visits would not have been possible without the EU's IHP programme - Improving the Human Research Potential Programme, which supported research visits at selected institutions. This programme has now expired and was known as COBICE in Copenhagen (ZMUC), Denmark, COLPARSYST in Paris (MNHN), France, and SYS-RESOURCE in London (NHM), UK. It is followed by the SYNTHESYS programme. I would like to thank all involved people and institutions.

Special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Dieter Waloßek, Section for Biosystematic Documentation, University of Ulm, for kindly providing server-space and his very substantial help for the data input.

Following contributions include data collected on the aforementioned IHP visits:

Fauna Europaea

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